"Land and Sea." Limited Edition Collection

At a time when our lives were almost at a complete stop, I found a deeper, even more intimate connection to nature than ever before. The origin, and the essential, had begun to play an even greater part in my life.

Since then, I visited places in Northern Europe where untouched landscapes still exist and forests seems to be endless.
I discovered tidelands, where the diversity of life is fascinating and animals as well as plants defy extreme living conditions.
Unique ecosystems like wetlands, which are thousands of years old, have unique and important natural aspects and are still being destroyed nowadays.
My home, which I discovered in many different ways. Through which warmth, security and self-determination is again significantly more valued.

The collection "Land and Sea." is continuously created in a time when we do not know what lies ahead and represents environments that allow our existence in silence. That give us security, warmth and safety.

Habitats that are ready to protect us for the future,
...if we are ready too.

Fine Art Photography Prints [Limited Edition]
Exclusively available from Thomas Frenken Gallery.

Signed Fine Art Prints "Landscape" [Limited Edition]