About Thomas Frenken Gallery

"Art Photography, The Light In My Eyes...

Born and raised in a small village surrounded by nature near the Dutch border. Longing for the vastness and always in search for the absolute thrill. Downhill mountain biking was my great passion.
I failed. I failed badly and had a hard time with lots of pain.
Not only that, but I never had that feeling before, emptiness..."

Thomas Frenken profile image. Thomas is a professional nature and wildlife photographer from Germany. He is located in the western part of North-Rhine Westphalia. 
He raises awareness for nature conservation through the strong meaning of art photography.
About Thomas Frenken, paddeling and exploring my home area.
About Thomas Frenken, hiding to encounter with wildlife. An eye to eye contact with wildlife are the most magical moments in life.t
About Thomas Frenken Gallery

I like to think that the Thomas Frenken Gallery is more than just another green brand...

...I like to think as a community, a movement. I strive to minimize my impact on the environment, I endeavor to be that little better with every day. My constant search for improvement in my actions is to protect what I love:
The Wild!

"This is what I stand for with my name."
by Thomas Frenken