Fine Art Print Store Reopens Soon.

„Land and Sea.“ The New Collection Coming Soon.

Watch The Official Trailer Here.

I invite you on a journey through environments that silently make our existence possible. Environments that keep us alive. Environments that give us security, warmth and safety and environments that are ready to protect us for the future, ...when we are ready too.



"The second one I bought to combine with another Thomas Frenken's landscape print. Literally in love with it, it seems to be there with this amazing friend. Excellent quality print, it's exactly like you see in description photo. Absolutely suggested!"

Camilla C.

"Amazing photograph in a high quality print with a matte finish. It's like a painting. Highly recommend!!"

M. S.

"Geniale Aufnahme, welche super auf dem gewählten Papier zur Geltung kommt. Ebenso verleiht das beiliegende "Certificate of Authenticity" dem Produkt eine hohe Wertigkeit. Das Bild hängt nun gerahmt in meiner Wohnung und ich erfreue mich sehr daran. DANKE"

Nils L.

What To Expect From The Reopening.

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  • I will sign and number each print
  • I will renew my offer for fine art prints to 90%, 
    (during the last 2. 5 years I developed my style, skills and quality)
  • I will shift my focus to a way smaller number of ‘limited-edition’ artworks
    (they will go quick!)
  • I will update the delivery service to extremely fast deliveries
  • I will rebrand my entire print store to a new design that makes it way more user-friendly
  • I will give back more to the planet
  • …and many more! (find all information in the preview Print Catalog!)

For the last 2.5 years I have been working very hard on my development as a fine art photographer and despite the tough time during the COVID pandemic, I was still able to explore many "nearby" areas that have essential qualities for our existence. So, I curated a new collection that is natural yet artful.


I am very fond of our nature and wildlife. My daily goal is to help to recover and to protect our planet, and to contribute to the regrowing of wildlife habitats and raising awareness.Therefore, I am giving 10% of all proceeds back to the planet. Read more about it in the Print Catalog.